Travis + Michelle {Historic Pearl Engagement Photos}

There is a fun little story about how we came to be Travis and Michelle’s photographers. We first met Michelle as a bridesmaid at Allison and Connor’s wedding last year. When the time came for Michelle to plan her wedding, she decided to delegate some of the decisions (there are SO many decisions!) to Travis (guys can plan weddings too!!) One of Travis’ responsibilities was to choose a wedding photographer. Secretly, Michelle already had Bend the Light in mind… she even thought about slipping our name to Travis, but she resisted. After a bit of searching, Travis found us and quickly showed Michelle. She immediately said, “I was HOPING you would pick them!” And we’re so glad that he did!!

Before their engagement session, we have a short questionnaire that we send to our couples to get to know them. The last question is: Would you like to add anything else that will help us to capture you and your personalities during your session? Travis’ answer: Just laugh with us! And that is exactly what we did. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at an engagement session!

In many ways Travis and Michelle’s personalities are opposite, but they complement each other perfectly. Michelle is suuuuper sweet and Travis will stop at nothing to make her laugh.  Their session is that exact mix of sweet and silly. I had so much fun with them and had the hardest time choosing images for the blog.

How they met according to Travis:
I first saw Michelle at Morningside Elementary where I was subbing and she was tutoring. I tried to talk to her and she totally blew me off.

Travis: Are you tutoring?
Michelle (looking down at her clipboard): Yes.
Travis: How’s going? Kid’s behaving?
Michelle (still looking at clipboard): Yes. (walks away)

About 5 months later, it was July and I was working at Oakwood Church and she was interning in the Children’s Ministry. All the ladies in the office kept telling me to go talk to the “cute intern” but I never really gave in much thought.  Finally, we ran into each other. I thought “Her? Psh, forget that. She blew me off at work and I’m pretty sure she has no interest.” We ended up in the same room and had a pretty good conversation about the camp she had been on. Well, a couple days later on Sunday morning, I saw her talking to son of our Preschool Directors son and realized I was jealous. We were getting ready for VBS starting that next day and I made sure I was wherever she was (just little enough to not be obvious) and try to talk more. That night, I was asked to work in the preschool’s main room for VBS running the computer. Well to my surprise (and luck), Michelle had also been assigned to that room as one of the actors on stage. We spent the week striking up conversation and eventually a little flirting. I hadn’t really been able to figure her out, she was quiet and a bit shy. By Wednesday, my friends were telling me to ask her out and by Sunday, I knew I wanted to for sure. But I still hadn’t been able to figure her out to much more. I decided it was time to go to Melissa. I walk in and said “Okay, tell me about Michelle.” She said “Oh thank goodness, you’re finally interested. I didn’t wanna push but I’ve been hoping you would ask that sweet girl out since May!” So that night after evening service, I walked Michelle out to her car and asked her to dinner that Tuesday Night and she said yes.

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