It’s #FlashbackFriday over on our Facebook page and Instagram feed, and today’s photos are so great, it’s also worth sharing here on the blog. :) Here’s the proof that Jenn and I really HAVE been friends forever. Like, forrrrrever. We were CLEARLY the coolest kids on the block. Check out our shirt ties, crimped hair, and scrunchies… oh, and don’t even get me started on my 90210 shirt. Ha! In 1991, we were both ten years old and in 5th grade (we were both in Mrs. Shrader’s class… the teacher with the super curly hair that wore “culottes” to class every day). Oh, the 90’s. Where forever friendships were born. :) <3
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You may remember Kate and Jaro from their Pearl Brewery engagement session a while back (if you missed them, head over to our Facebook page and check them out here). We took one of our all-time favorite engagement images during that session (they rocked that turquoise bench, am I right?) The Pearl has an extra special place in Kate and Jaro’s hearts because that’s where they live (and is also where they met). When Jaro moved in next door to Kate, they were fast friends and the rest is history. Jaro literally married “the girl next door.” Cutest story ever, yeah? Oh, how we love our job. :)

Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception were held at Zaza Gardens (love it there!) But before heading to Zaza Gardens, we made our way to The Pearl for Kate and Jaro’s first look. The Pearl has always been such a special place to them, how could we NOT include it in their wedding day? Here are our favorites from their big day. Enjoy!
-Jenn & Kaylinn

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Kate and Jaro, thank you for allowing us to capture this chapter in your story! We had so much fun with you guys!

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Wedding Coordinator: Allison Castellanos with
Toast Entertainment, San Antonio TX

Wedding Ceremony Venue: ZaZa Gardens, San Antonio TX

Wedding Reception: ZaZa Gardens, San Antonio TX

Bride’s Hair/Makeup: Mario Muniz

Floral: Statue of Design, San Antonio TX



Rachel & Branden’s wedding flushmount album and parent album came in a while back, and we are so excited to share these photos! We’re kind of obsessed with these albums… don’t you love that color?!

The scoop on flushmount albums: A flushmount album tells the story of your wedding day with custom-designed pages, big photos and panoramic layouts. When opened, flush mount albums lay completely flat so each layout is seamless. The pages are thick (1/8″), the leather options are endless and (most importantly) all the cool kids are getting one. :-)

The scoop on parent albums: A parent album is a smaller version of a flush mount wedding album. Even though the photos and page designs are the same, the outside cover (and cover photo) can be customized to match your parents (or grandparents!) personal style.

The scoop on Rachel & Branden’s albums: The leather on their parent album is called “Riverdell.” This album was for Rachel’s mom and she decided to add her favorite shot of Rachel & Branden to the front cover. The end result? A custom album fits her personal style. :-)

But who can forget about Rachel & Branden’s personal style? :-) They designed their very own one-of-a-kind flushmount album cover. They chose “Aquadisiac” for their cover (one of our most popular leather choices!) and added their favorite image. :-)

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Fall is officially here, so it feels like the right time to post a quick photo from the Fall-in-love themed bridal shower that Jenn threw for me last October. :) Random Fact: Jenn goes all out when it comes to parties (note the menu in the gold frame, the hand-sewn garland, the labeled food bowls). The hubs and I love going to parties at Jenn and Chris’ house because (1) The food is always amazing (2) The decor is always on point and (3) Jenn and Chris are the best. :) #HappyFallYall
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