Brian & Allison’s Engagement Photos

These two are so fun!! I met up with Brian and Allison at one of their favorite comic book shops. They met while working at a different shop and want to include their love for comics in their session. We love when couples add a bit of personality to their engagement sessions. Here are my favorites.

Eric + Mellori {St. Anthony Hotel Wedding Reception, Sacred Heart Chapel Wedding Ceremony, San Antonio TX}

If you’re a long-time blog reader, you may remember Chelsea & Saul’s wedding from a few years back…  Well, Mellori is Saul’s sister, and now it was her turn to get married. :-)  It means so much when friends or family members of our past brides & grooms choose us to shoot their wedding. We get warm fuzzies everytime a new bride calls and says “I loved my friend’s photos and want you to take mine!” :-) Well Eric and Mellori, here are yours. We are so, SO proud of these images. Enjoy. :-)

PS – Miranda with Events by Reese did an awesome job with this wedding (as you’re about to see!) If you are looking for a wedding design production company, Events by Reese is UH-MAZING!

Mellori wanted to see her groom before the ceremony, but Eric did not want to see his bride. We think they came up with a pretty amazing compromise, don’t you think? Love these shots!!

Ceremony time! Eric & Mellori’s wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Sacred Heart Chapel at OLLU (Our Lady of the Lake University) here in San Antonio.

The wedding reception was held inside the ballroom at the St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio. Such a gorgeous wedding reception space!

Check out this lighting! Ahh!! Having professional lighting at your wedding reception adds so much to your photos and to the atmosphere of the room. For more info about why we suggest professional lighting, click here.


Eric & Mellori, you two were so much fun! We wish you all the best!!

See more wedding ceremony photos at Our Lady of the Lake Sacred Heart Chapel in San Antonio, Texas:

See more wedding reception photos at the St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio, Texas:


Wedding Coordinator: Miranda Smith, Events by Reese, San Antonio TX

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Conventual Chapel,
Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio TX

Wedding Reception: The St. Anthony Hotel Ballroom, San Antonio TX

Bride’s Hair/Makeup: Chairish the Day, San Antonio TX

Bride’s Dress: Yumi Katsura Couture, Impressions Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bari Jay and Mori Lee

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Heights Tuxedo

Wedding Band: Detroit Steel, Austin TX

Wedding Cake: Beth Hernandez

Floral: Events by Reese, San Antonio TX

Wedding Reception Lighting: Events by Reese, San Antonio TX


Chelsea Garcia - Fabulous as always! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Mellori’s Bridal Portraits

Miss Mellori got married this weekend (congrats!) which means we are finally allowed to share her fabulous bridal images. I gotta be honest… I’m kind of obsessed with these photos. :-) And I can’t WAIT to share Mellori’s wedding images, so be sure to check back for those next week!

Mellori - Jenn they look fantastic!!!! I’m so excited to see the pictures from the wedding. Y’all are awesome!

{Our 2 Cents} Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Time for another “Our 2 Cents” post! This time though, it technically it isn’t OUR 2 cents that we’re sharing… I recently came across this great article by Events Enjoy Co (a fab wedding planning & design company out of California) about hiring a photographer for your wedding. It’s an awesome article with some great tips, so I wanted to share it with all of you. :-)

PS – Read more “Our 2 Cents” posts here.

Here’s the article… enjoy!

Hey folks! This is a big topic today. A big and a FUN one! If you are in the process of hiring a photographer or just need some general advice (Note: We are not photographers nor do we know an f stop from a stop sign) here is our take on hiring a wedding photographer – and finding one that you love – because we’ve helped with the process many, many times.

First off, we really want to get into the “why its important to find the best, most artistic, speaks-to-your-heart in-a-singing-lullaby-kinda-way photographer” before we get into some nitty gritty of things you should ask and wonder about.

You can have the prettiest wedding with the most amazing details, but if you don’t hire a photographer who sings to your heart like your most special details sing to you, the day will be lost. Take it from us, your wedding will go by in a flash. The next day you both will be wondering where it went and how it has become such a blur.

With that being said, there are photographers who take photos and there are photographers who capture MOMENTS – those moments you want to look back on forever. Many photographers can snap a photo like your Uncle Larry (and please don’t say you’re hiring your uncle)… but don’t you want to look at your wedding images and get teary eyed because the light, the feeling is just that special? Don’t you want to share them and frame them and have them be artistic pieces of your lives together – in your life? Of course you do! That’s why you find someone who’s work is just that – art. Beautiful art that makes your heart sing.

Professional wedding photographers are artists – artists of their craft. Their work not only reflects talent, timing and ability but it reflects their eye for things that others can’t see. You want THAT.

Q. I’m interested in a photographer. What questions should I ask?

A. Here are a few questions to get you started:

-How many photographers will be there on my wedding day?
-What’s your turn around time for images?
-Do you accept a limited number of weddings to ensure that you’re able to focus on each client?
-Do you have backup equipment? Backup photographers?

Q. I found a photographer that I LOVE, but their fee is more than I’ve budgeted for… what should I do?

A. Make room. Make room. Make room. Just like we said before, you will have these lovely images for years and years (and years) to come… so go for it and make room. 

We’ll leave some of the answers to our questions below to our trusty photo snapping local gal pal, Abi Q. Photography. We asked some questions, she answered:

Q.  If you could give any advice with regards to choosing a photographer to a prospective client, that you normally wouldn’t spill, what would it be?

A. Ask to see a full wedding, or two. A good photographer will know how to capture the emotion, formals, details and night shots – seamlessly.

Q. Does a photographer’s price always correlate with talent/experience?

A. Yes. It also has to do with their location and supply and demand as well… Here’s what I mean: If you’re a new photographer and just want photos to put on your website to show you’ve done weddings you might do 40 weddings in a year and shoot them all for $1000, which means your couples are “getting a deal”. But newer photographers have no idea of the costs of running a business, which means by the time they get to your wedding they’re burnt out and don’t care anymore. Or, they have no idea of the flow of a wedding day and are running around stressing YOU out. Many times new photographers don’t have back up equipment and have never had to turn around weddings in a timely manner. Which means you might not be getting your photos for 9 months (IF they’re contract is legit and they’re still in business!)

If you’re an established photographer, you don’t need portfolio work. You know what clients fit your style and what clients will be happy with their photos 20 years down the road. If I sense a potential client would be happier with a more traditional photographer, I don’t just book them to book a wedding. I refer them to someone I know will fit them better than me, and in the long run that makes a happier bride. I take a limited number of weddings every year to ensure each client gets enough attention and emails get answered in a timely manner. I have back up gear for my back up gear and a plan in case anything were to happen to me.

Q.  We feel choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding, how would you back up our oh-so-true statement?

A. Wedding days go by in a blur. In the end you’re left with a ring on your finger, a dress in your closet and your love by your side. Which is awesome. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my dress, my ring catches the light just right and my hubs is the only one for me. But my wedding photos… they tell the story of the day we became husband and wife. They show how little my siblings were, the stupid cry face i made walking down the aisle, the happiness in our eyes when we were pronounced man and wife. They capture a moment you’ll never have again. You can’t put a price on that.

…Seeeeeee, you can’t put a price on that. Again, we don’t know an f stop from a stop sign but we do know about hiring photographers. Hire one that sings to you. One that you love.

Article written by:  Events Enjoy Co

Kelly’s Bridal Portraits {Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa Photographer, San Antonio TX}

Hooray! Kelly and Cody’s wedding was this past this weekend at the gorgeous Hyatt Hill Country Resort, so now I can share her bridal portraits with you! It was a beautiful windy day, the perfect weather for capturing a flowing veil. Here are my favorites from her session! Stay tuned for her wedding images next week! -Jenn