Amy and Eric {Becker Vineyards wedding & reception}

You may remember Amy & Eric from their urban engagement session last October. For their wedding, they took a break from the big city and headed to Fredericksburg, Texas. Oh how we loved their wedding. I mean… we reeeeally loved their wedding. Dare I say it was one of my favorite weddings ever? Hmm…. Colorful details, super fun locations, a timeline planned perfectly to get amazing photos… yea, definitely one of my favorites! Get ready for a LOT of photos! There were just so many to choose from. Enjoy. :)

6squareReason #1 why we love Amy & Eric: They had a ton of colorful details! Check out Eric’s orange tie and Amy’s orange bouquet & shoes!! Amy also wore an orange flower in her hair. YAY!!


Amy-and-Eric-1018Yes, these words were REALLY above the door! And yes, we were REALLY excited about that. :) PS – check out Amy’s pretty dress hanger!! Future brides, pretty hangers make pretty dress photos! :-)

Amy-and-Eric-1028How cute is this Bed & Breakfast room? Amy & Eric stayed at the Paradise Loft in Fredricksburg. Let me tell you, it was really difficult not to climb into that huge comfy bed and take a nice nap. :-)


Amy-and-Eric-1067Reason #2 why we love Amy & Eric: They saw each other before the ceremony!! This “first look” was particularly special because, at first, Amy was not into the idea. In fact, it wasn’t until the week before the wedding that she realized seeing Eric ahead of time would help her relax before the ceremony (not to mention the fact that it resulted in a TON of amazing photos). “I just don’t like being the center of attention,” she said, “I realized I’m gonna be SO nervous. I think seeing Eric ahead of time will calm me down and help me take it all in.” We couldn’t agree more. Because they saw each other before the ceremony, they were able to hang out for about an hour and 1/2, just the 2 of them, and calm their nerves. The next kabillion photos (yes, KA-BILLION!) are just a few of the photos that would not have been possible without the first look (and there’s plenty more where these came from). When all was said and done, Amy & Eric got to calm their nerves AND got a ton of amazing photos. Win/win!! For more info about doing a “first look” on your wedding day, click here.



Amy-and-Eric-1107Reason #3 why we love Eric & Amy: They have a great eye for fun backgrounds! Amy took us to her favorite spots on Main Street – starting with this shelf of pickled… well, everything. Pickled peppers, berries, peaches… you name it. Above: Jenn’s view. Below: my view. :)




Amy-and-Eric-1159I told you Amy’s hair flower was fun! Her bright, colorful details add sooo much to the photos!!

Amy-and-Eric-1154Reason #4 why we love Amy & Eric: Check out Eric’s suit!! How GQ of him, right? He skipped the typical black/white groom look and went for the modern groom look. L-O-V-E!

Amy-and-Eric-1190Amy, you are so adorable! :-)


Amy-and-Eric-1277Reason #5 why we love Eric & Amy: They got married at Becker Vineyards… quite possibly my favorite venue EVER. . I could go on and on about how gorrrrgeous it is, but I will let the photos speak for themselves. :-)





Amy-and-Eric-1306Jenn caught this sweet moment as Eric & Amy walked away from the ceremony – just seconds after being announced as the new Mr. & Mrs! I love this.

Amy-and-Eric-1350Reason #6 why we love Amy & Eric: After the ceremony, they wanted to run around the vineyards for a few minutes and take even more fun photos! Cristol (the coordinator at Becker Vineyards) even let us go into the wine cellar for a few minutes. My little photographer heart could hardly contain my excitement. :-)

Amy-and-Eric-1367My favorite bride/groom shot of the entire day year. I mean, c’mon… a bride/groom at SUNSET in a field of LAVENDER?? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Amy-and-Eric-1383aCocktail hour!

Amy-and-Eric-1201Reason #7 why we love Amy & Eric: Their details are amazing. OK, I may have said this already… but seriously… uh-mazing.



Amy-and-Eric-1443Jenn caught this little boy with his hand in the candy jar. Literally. :-)

Amy & Eric, congrats again on being married! And thank you thank you thank you for being soooo amazing to work with!!