a trip to the big easy!

Chris and I spent Valentine’s weekend in New Orleans with my Mom. I love that city. Love, love, love. We have spent a lot of time there in the last 4 years. My Mom has a rare form of cancer called Carcinoid cancer. The best specialists for this form of cancer are in New Orleans, so we visit quite often. She has several rounds of chemo, two major surgeries and been in a drug study. It has been quite a journey, but she is doing amazingly well. This trip was just for a check-up and they were so pleased with her scans and tests. The surgeon said that from the most recent scans there is “no evidence of disease and I never would have thought that was possible.” When she first was diagnosed they said that her scan looked as if someone had poured cement in her abdomen and now no evidence of disease!! Go God!!
I’m so thankful for New Orleans because it has made a crazy situation much more enjoyable than it might have been. If you have to go somewhere for something so serious and scary, it might as well be somewhere full of life, culture and such determination in their own fight for survival. The memories from surgeries and treatments are lessened by all the fun times we have had there. Here are some of the great moments we had this trip.

My two favorite people :) Chris LOVES a diner, so Dot’s was our first stop. How beautiful is this city?! Craftsmanship is everywhere. I love it. This band was so fun. My favorite was the washboard/kazoo/coffee cup player :) Yes, she is wearing wings. So we ate A LOT and drank a lot of coffee!! It is a great city to eat your way through :)