Soooo excited to announce that Shelby + Derek’s Sisterdale Dance Hall wedding is featured in the latest issue of Premier Weddings Magazine!  (insert lots of excitement here!) Special thanks to the team at PW Magazine for the feature (along with thanks to Shelby + Derek for rocking their wedding photos!) Adding to our excitement, their wedding is also featured on the PW Weddings website (see it here!)

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This guy… He’s my main squeeze. We’ve literally spent every day with each other since he’s been off for summer vacation. #TeacherPerks

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes he drives me crazy… like when he insists on playing with the dogs when I’m on a business call (they bark… A LOT) or when he leaves his dirty lunch dishes on my half of the desk. But the truth is, I’m so flippin’ thankful for him and for this extra time we’ve had together. Dreaming about the future home we want to build, tackling infertility, having long Netflix marathons while cuddling with the dogs on the couch… he’s my guy and I am really, really gonna miss having him by my side when his vacation ends in a couple weeks.

Many of you have been following our journey to have a family, so here’s a quick update: After 3 rounds of unsuccessful, side-effect-heavy fertility treatments, our doctor has suggested a new course of action. We just began a new medication and will be doing a new clinical procedure that will significantly increase our pregnancy chances (yay!) This new treatment plan will be more time consuming, more expensive, and the side effects may be more severe. But it provides more hope, which is what this journey is all about. The doctor also said that having twins (or even triplets) is a real possibility on this medication, which freaks us out and excites us all at the same time. 👶👶👶 PLEASE keep us in your prayers. We are so, so hopeful this time around and are more excited than ever to begin our little family. ❤️-Kaylinn

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I heart Brad and Anna. They are the sweetest, cutest couple and they just so happen to have a great “how they met” story…
About 3 years ago, they both attended Employee Orientation at their jobs at USAA. Brad was dared by his roommates at the time to sit next to the prettiest girl in the room. Anna says she counts herself as the luckiest girl ever because he chose to sit down next to her! (how SWEET is that?! Ahh!) After making excuses to see each other at work for several months, they became the best of friends. After Anna’s Father passed away in October of 2015, they say that they both came to a place where they knew they could be “all-in”… and the rest is history!

Have I mentioned that we have the best job ever? Because we have the best job EVER! Telling stories like these and documenting such milestones is such an honor. Here are my favorites from Anna + Brad’s session (keep an eye out for their adorable pup, Lady!) Anna and Brad, I am SO excited for your wedding in March! Only 7 months to go!!


san antonio engagement photographer_0003.jpg
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Bend the Light Photography specializes in wedding photography and engagement portrait photography in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. San Antonio Wedding Photographer.

If you’re seeing this photo, YOU ARE WITNESSING A MIRACLE. I almost gave up on posting a photo for #TakeYourDogToWorkDay because these two were being little buttheads. 😂😂 What you don’t see is Jeff , standing just outside the frame, holding Libby and Pete in place, and then quickly moving his hands — I literally had 2 seconds at a time to take photos before they tried to jump down and Jeff had to grab them again. Out of 47 photos, this was the only one that was in focus. Ta da! A miracle! 🙌🙏

We’ve established that they’re buttheads sometimes, but Libby and Pete are also the center of our little world. We call ourselves their “mommy and daddy” and talk about them like they’re actual people. 😂 Pete (left) likes to bark at sounds that no one else can hear. He also recently jumped straight into a cactus while chasing a squirrel, so… not the smartest dog on our block. Libby is our cranky old lady. She’s got back problems, walks with a limp, and growls if you disrupt her nap time in any way, shape, or form.

For me, everyday is Take-Your-Dog-To-Work Day. Every wedding I edit, every email I type… they are sleeping at my feet with no worries that I may roll over them with my office chair. Shout out to all of our brides who have heard these two barking during one of our phone consults… these guys like to wait until the phone rings to be extra butthead-ish! 🐶🐶 But what they lack in social skills, they make up for in cuteness… don’t you agree? -Kaylinn

A wedding on a Monday?! Yes, please! Iliana and Wayne were married on the 3rd of July. What a great way to stretch out the wedding fun over a long weekend! It was a perfectly gorgeous summer day in the Texas hill country. It was my first time to photograph a wedding at the Duchman Family Winery and I fell in love the Italian details. It was the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding.

The whole day was wonderful… so full of love, family, and beautiful details. My favorite moment was during their wedding vows. Wayne not only promised to love and cherish Iliana, but he also said vows to Iliana’s daughter, Addi. He promised to always tuck her in tight at night and be her daddy forever. Ahh! Family cuteness overload! They are such a sweet family. I loved watching little Addi dance the night away.

Iliana and Wayne’s wedding also reunited us with one of our favorite wedding planners, Stefanie Yandell of Your Wedding Your Way. Stef coordinated my wedding in 2009 and Kaylinn’s wedding in 2016, so she’s got an extra special place in our hearts. She and her team knocked it out of the park (as usual… they’re known for being fabulous that way).

BTW, Iliana + Wayne’s proposal story is pretty special, so we wanted to share it with you all (in Iliana’s own words):
We had planned a weekend trip to Austin to go and explore and to watch a UT game, I was certain that Wayne was going to propose to me there. In fact, I did my hair and make up everyday just in case. Haha! So Friday comes and goes, and nothing. Saturday was a bust too, and I was a little let down but we had had such a fun time, I just told myself “well maybe during the holiday season or something.” Little did I know that Wayne had a plan the whole time, he had gotten our parents to set up the whole house for the proposal. We drove into our driveway and he said I really have to use the bathroom and rushed in the door, me completely oblivious to anything, I thought nothing of it. I opened the front door, and there was a trail of rose petals from our front door to the living room and there was Wayne down on one knee and a ring in his hand. It was so much more special than if it had been in Austin because I did not expect it at all, our families were there, and the fact that he planned it all on his own. He also gave Addi a rose and asked to be her daddy and that was the best thing of all. It could not have been more perfect.

Iliana and Wayne, we had a blast with you guys (and little Addi too!) Congrats again on being the new Mr. and Mrs. McGrew! We wish you a hundred and one years of happiness!

Wedding Coordinator: Stefanie Yandell, Your Wedding Your Way, Austin TX
Wedding Ceremony: Duchman Family Winery, Driftwood TX
Wedding Reception: Duchman Family Winery, Driftwood TX
Bride’s Hair/Makeup: Jax Studio, San Antonio TX
Caligraphy and Signage: Chrissy-Makes
Floral: Wild Bunches Floral, Dripping Springs TX

Bend the Light Photography specializes in wedding photography and engagement portrait photography in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. San Antonio Wedding Photographer.