On the night of Amy + Barry’s wedding, we shared a sneak peek photo on Instagram. That photo received so many likes and comments from you guys, we’ve been dying to share the rest of their images ever since (that was only about 10 days ago, but I am SO bad at being patient when I’m excited to share a wedding or portrait session!) Now that Amy + Barry are back from their honeymoon (welcome back, you guys!), we’re sharing our favorite images from their wedding day. And let me tell you… it’s gonna be good. :)

Amy + Barry’s wedding was full of beautiful details, bright/vivid colors, and LOVE… soooo much love, you guys! Amy + Barry live in Houston (Side note: They couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful venue for their destination wedding… oh, how we LOVE Kendall Plantation in Boerne, Texas. Every detail of Kendall Plantation is gorgeous) Their friends/family came from all over the world to celebrate with them… Nigeria (where Amy’s family is from), Cameroon (where Barry’s family is from), England, the U.S… the list goes on. The bright colors of the traditional Nigerian and Cameroonian clothing were SO much fun to photograph (pay close attention to all of the gorgeous colors in the ceremony audience. So beautiful!) Barry, Amy, and their bridal parties even changed their clothing mid-way through the reception to join the brightly-colored party (wait till you see Amy’s fuschia sari at the end of this post. Helloooo, show stopper!)

We had such a difficult time narrowing down our favorite images from their wedding day (didn’t want to leave ANYTHING out!) but we somehow made it through. Here are our favorite images… we hope you enjoy them as much as we have this week!

-Jenn + Kaylinn

PS – Special thanks to Amy + Barry’s coordination and design team, Sterling Events. They worked their magic, yet again!

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0185 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0186

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0184Ceremony and reception venue: Kendall Plantation in Boerne, TX

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0187 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0188


kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0192 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0193 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0194 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0195 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0196 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0196v kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0189 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0196vv kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0198 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0199 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0202The wedding ceremony site at Kendall Plantation = bee-yoo-tee-ful!

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0203 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0204 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0209 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0229 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0205 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0206 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0207 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0208 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0210 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0211Married! This is the photo (above) that we shared on Instagram last week that you guys loved so much. Don’t you love dad’s reaction in the background?? :-D


kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0214vAmy, you are gorgeous!!

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0214 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0218 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0215 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0217 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0219 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0220 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0221 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0222 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0223 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0224 kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0225Amy + Barry’s second entrance (and second outfit). How FUN is this? These two know how to make an entrance, let me tell you! (Below) Amy’s fuschia sari, in all it’s glory. How gorgeous is she??

kendall-plantation-weddings-boerne-tx-wedding-reception-photos-texas_0226Amy + Barry, your wedding was beeeeautiful! We loved capturing every moment. We heart you guys!


Wedding Coordinator: Sterling Events
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Kendall Plantation, Boerne TX
Wedding Reception: Kendall Plantation, Boerne TX
Bride’s Dress: Soterro and Midgley
Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Macy’s
Wedding Cake: Creations Cakes
Wedding Reception Lighting: DPC Events


Bend the Light Photography specializes in wedding photography and engagement portrait photography in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. San Antonio Wedding Photographer.

Missing my Grandma today. This was taken a year ago, the day I chose my wedding dress. It was the only time that my Grandma ever got to see me as a “bride”. She passed away a month after this photo was taken, just three months before our wedding day. She wanted to see Jeff and I get married SO badly… I was the last of her grandchildren to tie the knot, and ours ended up being the only wedding that she missed. Her not being there was tough… but I’m so grateful for the time we had before she passed away. She got to know and love Jeff (he was actually the last person she spoke to before she passed), she got to come to my bridal shower (she gave the sweetest talk about how Christ should be the center of our home), AND she got to see me in my dress.

Miss you, Gma. Today and every day.


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This cooler weather makes me so happy. The scorching heat of summer is fading away and our afternoons are spent outside. Maya is “four and a HALF” (as she will tell you) and is loving learning to ride her bike. Oh, the simple joys of childhood, when all you need is a bike and a cul-de-sac to spin around in.

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san antonio family photography san antonio children
san antonio family photography san antonio children
san antonio family photography san antonio children

Brides! Let’s talk about the very first hours of your wedding day… the moments when you’ll be getting dressed, getting excited, and getting ready to GET MARRIED! As the Studio Manager here at BTL, it’s my job to make sure your wedding day photos are as bee-yoo-tee-ful as they can possibly be… from the “getting ready” moments to the final send off. Today’s post is all about how to rock your getting ready photos.

Side Note: Most of you know that Jeff and I just tied the knot earlier this year. While planning my wedding, I didn’t give much thought to the “getting ready” portion of our day. It was easy to overlook because I was focussed on choosing the colors for my bridesmaid dresses, the reception music, finding the perfect statement necklace, annnnd the list went on. As it turned out, the time I spent getting ready was one of my favorite portions of the day (and produced some of my favorite wedding images… see some of those photos here).
So let’s get started, shall we?



san-antonio-wedding-photography-tips-1This is THE most important thing you can do to ensure beautiful getting ready images. Natural light is KEY! A room with several windows makes for beautiful, flattering, well-lit photos. If you are having your hair and makeup done in your room, your beauty team will love this too! Lots of natural light will allow your makeup artist to perfectly match your foundation with your skin tone.

1-best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-1_0182 best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-1_0181 best-san-antonio-wedding-photographers-2
Remember, your room will be full! …Your hair/makeup team, photographer, bridesmaids, flower girl, mom (and pretty much any female family member that loves you) will be there! Choose a space with plenty of seating and floor space so that everyone will feel cozy and relaxed.

best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0106 best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0102
san-antonio-wedding-photography-tips-3We want you to look gorgeous in your getting ready photos, and the same goes for your lovely ladies. Your bridesmaids, flower girl, and (of course) your mama should be “camera ready” when we arrive. This way, they’ll be fully dressed in the photos and will have time to help you get into your dress, put on your veil, and help with any last-minute details.
best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0164 best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0159


san-antonio-wedding-photography-tips-4With so many details and people to focus on, this one is more challenging than it sounds.  We suggest designating one or two bridesmaids ahead of time to be in charge of keeping your room clean and “photo ready.” Ask them to throw away trash, hang extra clothes, hide suitcases under beds, etc. If all else fails, we will do a quick clean up job when we arrive (we ARE a full-service photography team, after all!) but keeping things as organized as possible before we arrive will allow us more time to photograph you, your bridesmaids, and all of the getting-ready-loveliness of your day.


san-antonio-wedding-photography-tips-5Have your “getting ready details” ready — Your dress, shoes, jewelry, garter, and any heirlooms you would like us to photograph (For the guys: cufflinks, boutonnier, shoes, and tie). Be sure to remove any price tags or packaging from these items so they are ready to grab and go. We recommend asking your bridesmaids to take your dress out of the bag and place it on your wedding day hanger prior to our arrival. This will also give you an opportunity to steam out any last minute wrinkles. As soon as we arrive, we will photograph all of your special details which will allow you to continue to get ready with no delay!
top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0171 top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0172v top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0173
san-antonio-wedding-photography-tips-6Ask your florist to deliver your personal flowers to your rooms (Bouquets to the girls and boutonnieres to the guys). These should be delivered before the photography begins. When we arrive, we will photograph the guys pinning their boutonnieres and we will remind the ladies to blot the base of their bouquets after removing them from their vases. This way, your bouquets will be nice and dry before we begin the pre-ceremony photos (wet spots on bridesmaid dresses are not a good look!)

top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0138 best-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-12_0183 top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-tx_0170
The prep photos of your groom and his groomsmen aren’t nearly as involved, we still have a few suggestions for the guys! Their room should also be well-lit, spacious, and clean. The groomsmen should be fully dressed when we arrive, and the groom should be mostly dressed with the exception of his jacket, boutonniere, shoes, and tie. Another quick tip for the guys — empty your pockets! Cell phones, keys, and wallets make for unflattering, bulging pockets in photos.
top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-texas_0175 top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-texas_0176 top-wedding-photographers-in-san-antonio-texas_0177

The getting ready shots are about the details, sure. But really, they’re about the candid moments and the emotion of the day. Relax, enjoy yourself, and try to pretend we aren’t there… We’ll take care of the rest! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Allow yourself to FEEL the excitement and anticipation. We are going to capture it all so that you can relive those moments again and again.
best-wedding-photographer-in-san-antonio-texas_0179 best-wedding-photographer-in-san-antonio-texas_0180Have more questions about your getting ready photos (or anything else?) Call me, email me, send me a message on Facebook…whatever! I’m here to help (Helloooo! My whole job is to make sure your photos rock!)

BTW, check out more of our Tips for Clients (there’s lots of helpful info that will take your wedding photos to the next level — good stuff!)

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for daily wedding photography tips and advice!

-Kaylinn :)
(aka, Studio Manager)

Christina and Michael are laid back, fun and just plain cool (our kind of people). Seriously, you guys… we could not be any more excited to share their wedding images today. Their wedding had everrrrrything: a gorgeous bride crazy about her handsome groom, a wedding party we would love to hang with, adorable flower girls and ring bearers, adorable details, two of our favorite venues (Wedding ceremony at the Chapel of Incarnate Word, Wedding Reception at Southwest School of Art). It was so much fun to capture these images… we love our clients so gosh-darn much. :-) Here are our favorite images from their big day. Enjoy! :-)
PS – Special thanks to Events by Jennifer Craft for their work on this wedding. BEAUTIFUL job, as usual!


incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0013 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0014 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0015 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0016 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0017 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0018 incarnate-word-wedding-san-antonio_0019 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0020

Weddings at The Chapel of Incarnate Word are the best. THE. BEST!!

o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0021 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0022 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0023 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0024 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0025 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0026 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0027 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0031 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0028 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapel-san-antonio_0030 o-weddings-at-the-chapel-of-incarnate-word-uiw-chapelsan-antonio_0029 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0031 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0032 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0033 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0034 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0035 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0036 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0037 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0038 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0039 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0040 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0041

This image is one of my favorites of all time, you guys. I love everything about it and so I’m sharing it twice. :) Which is version is your fave?

southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0042 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0043 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0044 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0045 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0046 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0047 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0048 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0049 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0050


southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0052 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0053 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0054

Next stop: The Southwest School of Art for the wedding reception. Have we mentioned how much we love Southwest School of Art? Because we do!

southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0055 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0056 southwest-school-of-art-wedding-reception-san-antonio_0057

Christina + Michael, you guys were AMAZING to work with. Can you get married one more time so we can do this all over again? Pretty, pretty please?? :)

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Wedding Coordinator: Events by Jennifer Craft, San Antonio TX

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Chapel of Incarnate Word, San Antonio TX

Wedding Reception: The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio TX

Floral: The Petal Post, San Antonio TX

Sinage: Chrissy Makes

Lighting: Illuminating Celebrations, San Antonio TX


Bend the Light Photography specializes in wedding photography and engagement portrait photography in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. San Antonio Wedding Photographer.